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Instapak Foam Packaging

Instapak Foam Packaging

Instapak Foam is a professional, clean, light weight packaging material to cushion products during transportation and storage. InstaPak Quick® RT Foam Bags by Sealed Air are a flexible, easy to use expanding foam-in-a-bag packaging solution that works at room temperature.

The foam bags are supplied flat, as they expand to mould around the product to be packaged. To use, just apply pressure to the 'press here' panel on the foam bags and gently pat to activate the expanding foam. Place the expanding foam filled bag in the shipping or cardboard box and nestle the product into the foam cushion. As the foam sets, it moulds around the product providing an exact foam packaging fit.

There is no need for any additional equipment and minimal storage space is required as the foam filled bags are supplied flat.

Please Note: Please allow up to 3-4 days delivery time as this is not a stock item.